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Linda Jackson

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Keith Fanshawe

Vice Chair
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Dena Fanshawe


I am a retired Business Adviser.

I have been the secretary of C.A.D.F.H.S. since September 2012.

I have been researching my Family Tree for about 15 years. My special passion is the journey and discovery of the past and its fascinating stories.

Ken Sanderson

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Dena Mountain

Team Member
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Lynne Earland


I retired early as Administration Assistant for Clay Cross Multi Agency Team in 2015.

I started with Family History in 1975 after the death of my father.

Terry Cocking

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Julia Wragg

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Margaret Linacre

Team Member
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Nina Nelson

Team Member

I joined the committee of CADFHS in 2017.

I have been researching my family history in depth for the past 3 years, although I ‘dabbled’ for several years before that. I am particularly interested in discovering how the lives of my family would have been affected by national issues.

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