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These pages are restricted for the use of members of the Society.

You will find lots of useful content here, much of which has been submitted by fellow members for your benefit. There are also guides to the way the Society is organized and managed, with the objective of helping you to get the best possible benefits from your membership.

We encourage you to share your own research, your victories and your ‘most wanted’ information. You will be helping others, and who knows, perhaps someone will be able to help add to your own understanding.

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Submit Your Family Tree

A new feature for our members!

We’re now pleased to be able to host your family tree on this site, within the member area.

Since all our trees involve families from the area, there are strong possibilities there are links between your family and those of others here. Now you can search and find those common ancestors!

Make the Most of Your Membership

Take time to look through the member submitted trees, the case studies and the growing library of research guides.

Tell us about your own research, share your trees and show us how you discovered that long lost ancestor.

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